Waterproof Shade Sails

The team at Do Your Own Shade is dedicated to manufacturing top quality products for DIY shade sail installation. We provide custom-made sun shade sails and waterproof sails, to the domestic market, and we will make sure you receive the perfect shade sail for your situation.

Whilst shade sails have long been thought of as an affordable and attractive option for keeping an outdoor area shaded, Do Your Own Shade Sail now have something more to offer. We have a range of water-proof shade sails that can protect from rain as well as UV rays.

Whether you want to enjoy alfresco living even when the weather is not obliging, or you want to step out of your car and not be drenched on the short walk to your front door, you won’t be disappointed with a Do Your Own Shade Sail waterproof shade sail installation. We provide only the highest quality materials that ensure your shade sail provides the best possible coverage no matter what the weather brings.

Our custom made shade sails are a great addition to walkways, car ports and outdoor areas. We can provide custom made shade sails that can accommodate your specific needs.

Do Your Own Shade Sail waterproof shade sails provide year-round protection from the elements, keeping your outdoor entertainment area dry in the winter and shaded in the summer.

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