Tips for taking your shade sail down for the winter

Shade sails are a perfect shading solution, they can also protect against light rain, however during the winter months many people decide to remove their shade sails for a variety of reasons. The harsh summer sun is a lot milder in the winter months and taking down the shade sail can allow the additional warm sunshine to enter the home. Shade sails must be removed before severe storms and cyclones. Bringing the shade sail in for the winter will prevent any wear and tear from extreme weather conditions and keep the sail in great condition ready for the summer months.

A shade sail is easy to take down, however there are a few things to bear in mind.

Shade sails must never be removed during a severe storm or high winds. You should never walk on the roof to remove the shade sail without the appropriate safety boots and providing the surface is not wet and a slip hazard.

Always choose a calm day to take down your shade sail and ensure the sail is dry. If the sail is wet and put away, you could end up with a nasty surprise of mould and mildew when you go to re-erect your shade sail in summer.

Get someone to hold your ladder when you are releasing the tension points.

Don’t fold your sail, this can crease and damage to fibres, it is much better to roll up the sail. Store away from any potential hazards such as rodents, cats and dogs, as unfortunately your warranty will not cover these issues.

If you follow these tips you can rest assured that next summer your shade sail will be good as new.

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