Some shade sail maintenance tips

Shade sails are built with quality woven fabric, however without regular maintenance they can begin to look unsightly and not function as well as they should.

Firstly, the shade sails need to be installed properly. Follow the instruction manual to the letter, however if handiwork is not your forte you can get a professional to install your shade sail, ensuring it does not damage the structure it is attached to.  A shade that does not have the right tension can fall victim to high winds.

Regular cleaning of your shade sail will not only prolong its life but will ensure it looks presentable, since it will be attached to your most valuable asset, your home and/or work place. Like any outdoor structure, it is prone to dust, leaves, bird faeces and the outdoor elements, a clean with water and a soft brush will stop stains in the fibre and prevent mould and mildew. Harsh chemicals can break down the fibres, so opt for a gentle, low pressure clean more frequently.

Ensure the surrounding areas are also maintained. Keep nearby trees pruned so they do not rub on the shade causing damage. With trees, comes birds and with birds comes bird faeces, so be prepared if you are locating your sail next to a popular bird tree.

Shades sails are not fire retardant, so whilst you can enjoy your meal under a sail it is probably not advisable to use a BBQ under one.

When it’s time to take your shade sail down for the winter months follow all the instructions in the manual or get the assistance of a professional.

Do You Own Shade come with a 10-year fabric warranty, and have sewn in wire on the perimeter for strength, so call today to discuss how you can enhance your outdoor area.

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