Shade sail installation need to knows

Shade sails are attractive and functional. If you choose the right shade it can enhance the appearance of your home greatly.

Installing a shade sail can be quite simple if you follow the instructions, however there are a few rules and tips to keep in mind.

The three main things to consider when erecting your shade sail;

  • Attachment points
  • The dimensions of the shade sails
  • The sun’s position

When installing your shade sail be mindful that it can often take more than one person, so make sure you have an extra body handy to assist.

You may also need a few tools for the job, so have them at the ready.

When installing your shade sail, the dimensions are not always straight forward, so you may need to play with the set up to ensure you are getting the maximum sun shade for your needs before committing to its location.

Shade sails are a great source of shade for gardens, terraces, pools and carports, so working out where you need the shade will go a long way to working out where the attachment points will be.

You can use trees and walls as posts, but you must ensure the surface you are working with is strong and secure.

A professional will provide all the tools and expertise, however a DIY project will mean no additional costs. Do Your Own Shade provide a fully comprehensive installation guide and we are happy to discuss your project with you to assist with your installation.

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