Installation Guide
Installation Guide
Installation Guide

Installation Guide

  • Your sail will arrive with all necessary fittings attached to each corner
  • If possible wait until there is little or no wind, or rain
  • Lay sail on the floor in the approximate position under the correct connection points with the seams and turnovers up. This will give the sail a smooth and neater appearance underneath.
  • The points with shackles only should be connected first
  • Next the corners with turnbuckles should be attached. If you need to, use a piece of rope to pull the corners to where you can attach the turnbuckles. Make sure the turnbuckles are at full extension. Do not tighten yet.
  • Connect all points
  • Before doing any tensioning of the sail tighten up the wire grips so that the wire will not slip. Do not over tighten these grips
  • To prevent the stainless turnbuckles binding up use some lubricant e.g. anti seize
  • Now you can tension each corner a bit at a time. Take your time to make sure the sail pulls out evenly. The sail is designed to have each corner hold equal amounts of load. Do not pull one corner all the way in before tightening the others.
  • Stop tightening when the sail is smooth and firm. An extra tightening may be required in a few weeks’ time. Do not over tighten the sail or conversely leave the sail loose. Your sail will last many years with correct treatment.

Please contact us if you still have questions about DIY shade sail installation.

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